About Us


After years of playing football and martial arts I sustained a back injury so had to look for a less impact driven pastime.  After many years of listening to Wendy’s Dad telling me I would make a good ballroom dancer a leaflet landed on my door mat for a local ballroom class.   Wendy got her hands on the leaflet and reluctantly dragged me along to our first lesson.  It was not long before I got hooked.  I had found a new hobby and it was not long before I was booking halls and we were practising our new steps together (I think Wendy’s Dad was right I did seem to have the knack for this dancing malarky).     After years of practice and helping others in class I decided it was time to get a professional qualification in teaching both ballroom and latin dance and I am proud to be a member of the UKA of Dance.  A highlight has been meeting and taking private lessons from Marcus Hilton MBE and Bryan Watson. 


I started ballet classes at the age of 5 with the Josie School of Dancing and at age 12 I moved to King Slocombe School of Dance where I gained exams in RAD Ballet, Imperial Modern Dance and ISTD Tap. I also took Drama at School and learned to play the piano and clarinet.  After leaving school I embarked on a legal career and qualified as a Chartered Legal Executive.  After many years in the legal professional I have decided to follow my dream and return to dance and fitness full time.  The love of dance has always been in my family as my parents competed in ballroom competitions up and down the country for 15 years.  They were trained by Bobby Short who was renowned in the ballroom world and their son Robin still runs the Dancing News and the UK Open Championships.  I came to ballroom and latin dance in my adult life and have never looked back since.  I am also a qualified Fitness Instructor and I have taught aerobics and yoga for some years.

We would like to thank all our friends and dancers for their support over the years as it is a real joy to see your happy smiley faces every week. Lets all keep dancing for many more years to come.